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  • Amanda Hamilton
  • Anita Stefan
  • Anna Newman
  • Chris Gilchrist
  • Christabella Boardman
  • Clare O'Sullivan
  • Eloise Gantuangco
  • Georgina Glover
  • Greg McAllister
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Lucinda Barton
  • Lucy Gournac
  • Mark Charles
  • Mate Glamuzina
  • Michael Hurdle
  • OCG Consulting
  • Paul O'Donovan
  • Pete Dallimore
  • Ryan Lanham
  • Sara Thornton
  • Shane Mackay
  • Suji Boomgaard
  • Tom McMorran
  • Tracey Church

Don’t Lose Top Candidates to a Slow Hiring Process

Hiring a great employee is not a process you should rush, but as an employer in the competitive Financial Services sector, taking too long could cause you to lose great candidates to your competition. Here’s OCG consultant, Eloise Gantuangco, on how to prevent that from happening.

Sourcing with Strategy – From Yachting to Your Business

Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup success is already being referred to as an example of a risk paying off, but just how much luck was involved? OCG Head of Sourcing, Pete Dallimore, explains why Team New Zealand executed their sourcing strategy to perfection.

What We Can All Learn from Team New Zealand’s Success

Team New Zealand’s win on Monday morning was a fantastic sporting achievement, and their success sets an amazing example for others. OCG Technology Recruitment Manager, Clare O’Sullivan, talks about the powerful lessons we can all learn from their triumph.

Why NZ’s Accounting & Finance Professionals are Better Off This Side of the Tasman

Although there are great opportunities in Wellington, a lack of interest could indicate that New Zealand’s Accounting & Finance professionals are caught in the past. OCG’s Michael Hurdle, highlights why they might need to consider a change of mindset.

Active Candidates vs Passive Candidates: Does It Really Matter?

There is a wealth of discussion these days around active vs passive candidates; what they are, which are better, and how to attract them. OCG's Pete Dallimore takes a look at what makes someone active or passive, and what the difference is in today's rapidly changing job market.

How Busy The Job Market is, Depends on You

These days, the recruitment market is so fragmented and varied, it is difficult to sum up what’s happening in a neat and tidy way. But OCG Consulting Manager, Tom McMorran, hits the nail on the head in his latest blog.

How to Return to Work After a Career Break

Returning to work from a long break can be extremely tough, especially when you have to find a new job. OCG Consultant, Lucy Gournac, shares her five top tips on how to return to the workforce.

Why You Should Choose Recruitment as a Career

Are you an expert in your field but have found your career is stalling? Does your role no longer excite and reward you? OCG Recruitment Consultant, Georgina Glover, explains how Recruitment could take your career to new heights.

How Understanding Candidate Personalities Helps You to Attract the Right Talent

While planning your recruitment needs, you’ll likely define the skills and experience that the right candidate should have. But have you ever thought about what their hobbies are, or what their favourite TV series might be? Nowadays, it’s critical for organisations to be smarter when it comes to hiring, else they risk missing out on top talent.

The Future of Christchurch’s Business Analysts

What does the future hold for Christchurch’s Business Analysts? OCG’s Technology Recruitment Manager, Paul
O’Donovan, shares his insight into the changing role of a BA and what professionals need to do to stay relevant.

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